Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Add in new site

For everyone convenience to know about soccer/football. I had add in the top club for individual fan to get more info like Liverpool(my favourite club), rich chelsea, arsenal and red devil Man Utd.

Monday, August 28, 2006

This week EPL score

Aston villa won new castle 2-0
chelsea won blackburn 2-0
Arsenal lose Man city 0-1
Fulham won sheff utd 1-0
Charlton won Bolton 1-0
Wigan won reading 1-0
Watford lose Man Utd 1-2
Liverpool won west ham 2-1
Tottenham lose Everton 0-2

Chelsea won at last

After a surprise lose to middlesbrough , Chelsea at last get a won against Blackburn.
The score is 2-0. First half ended with 0-0 although Chelsea got a few shooting chance.Chelsea came close to scoring at 2 minutes when essien narrowly cleared the bar with his effort after a free kick by Lampard had been partially cleared.
Ballack got a chance but saved by Friedal.
Chelsea got a penalty after OOijer was adjudged to have manhandled John Terry following a free kick from Lampard.Lampard finishing the penalty nicely.Substitude Drogba add a second goal at 81 minutes from central penalty area centre high with his right foot.
More detailed report please refer bbc or soccernet

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Arsenal thrill by losing the game.

Another unpredictable result in early season for EPL which make EPL so fascinating.Arsenal lose to mnachester City 1-0.
Thanks to the penalty awarded due to Hoyte fouled on Sinclair,Mancheter city stay in front by a perfect finishing penalty by Barton. Henry missed two one on one chance with keeper Nicky Weaver and Robin Van persie strike hit the post.Gunners Toure header hit the crossbar at second half.
The truth is this is football . Playing well not means winning the game. To win is to score .this is the facts of the game.

Man Utd won against the watford

Man Utd as expected won the game by 2-1
The game is dominated by Man utd. Man utd launch the attack again and again . At 12minutes,Silvestre had earlier finished off a brilliant move involving Giggs and Louis Saha to put United in front . Good finishing for silvestre from left penalty area right low with his left foot .
Watford didn't giving it up .They score a brilliant goal by damien francis from left goalbox left low with his right foot .
Man Utd take total control on second half.Ronaldo is clearly on form but his desperation for goal wasted many chance for higher lead. At 52 minutes,Ryan Giggs scores a good goal from centre penalty area right high with his right foot .It is contributed by the mistake of defenders who was robbed off the ball from their feet and the speed of Giggs that make it happen

Liverpool won it at last

Liverpool won the games against West Ham with the score 2-1
Keeper Reina is at fault for letting in the goal at 12 minutes by misjudging Bobby Zamora's cross and compounding his error by pushing the ball into the net make the liverpool one goal behind.
Dane agger 's superb performance and score a goal at 42 minutes and Peter Crough for another goal at 45 minutes make the team came from behind and won it 2-1

Friday, August 25, 2006

tottenham will win aginst everton

Everton will be without Alan Stubbs,but the Toffees will be boosted by Nunu Valente and David weir. Spurs won for past four games against everton in last two seasons. Football is not about the stat. With defoe and Keane , I don't think tottenham will face difficulty in penetration.

man utd should take the game

today match between Man utd vs watford.
Manchester should safely get the three point at this game. At this season, Man utd go with big win for past two games. C. ronaldo on form , Saha playd well and good defence. I don't see they can't lose the game. A draw is a major upset.

Who will be the top scorer

I think this year is between Henry and Shevchenko. Although chelsea lose the game against middlesbrough but i think he already shows his skills for scoring and proved that he can cope with the team . He shows us he is not only good in AC milan but also in EPL.
Henry as a great player in assisting and scoring is a great candidate for top scorer as the arsenal build around him.

Upcoming Liverpool game

Will Liverpool win the game against West ham United at Anfield at 25/8/06?
At anfield against West Ham :
Liverpool 33 win West ham 3 wins 13 draws
I think Liverpool will won the game although it is a difficult game since liverpool not yet on fire.
But for liverpool to lose in Anfield ,i think is a upset if west ham won it.

Champion league draw , Cheers to liverpool

Below is the draw for champion league,
Group A
wreder breman
levski sofia
Group B
Bayernn munich
sporting lisbon
spartak moscow
Group C
PSV eindohoven
Group D
shakhtar donetsk
Group E
Real madrid
steaua bucuresti
dynamo kiev
group F
Man Utd
FC copenhagen
Group G
Fs Moscow
FC porto
Group H
Ac milan
AEK athen

Actually the whole EPL qualifier got good draw. Only the Rich Chelsea met their strongest rival barca but the other two team is screwed.
Liverpool only may face difficulty for eindhiven and cautious for galatasaray.
Man utd team only need to cautious for celtic but i think they can win.
Arsenal ,the runner up for champion league last year only cautious for porto
I think all 4 team will went to knockout stages.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chelsea lose the game

At Riverside stadium ,middlesbrough won 2-1 against a former EPL champion ,chelsea. Jose mourinho definely scratch his head. What have i done to make a best team for EPl? I got Ballack(not played),shevchenko,lampard but yet i lose.
Shevshenko scored in 16 minutes but Pogatetz scores a good goal - headed in from left penalty area left high with his head at 80 minutes and mark Viduka (Subs at 72 min )scores a good goal from right penalty area right low with his right foot at 90 minutes.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Liverpool drew again

the macth against Maccabi Haifa for second leg of third qualifying match in Kiev on Tuesday, a 1-1 draw that put the 2005 European champions Liverpool through to the group stage 3-2 on aggregate.Sadness to say that liverpool drew again and sisoko was injured during the game and out for 2 weeks.Peter Crouch scores a good goal in 54 minutes but equalised by Roberto Colautti at 63 minutes and they defends all the way.
I hope liverpool will save the day.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Will liverpool cruise through

Today Liverpool will went to Valeri Lobanovski Stadium to fight Maccabi haifa for second league third round qualifying which they lead 2-1 previously. They should be cautioned otherwise they will be lose the game or drew the game . In football ,never look down on a team . I believe Benitez will be careful about that.

Liverpool drew their first game

What a surprise to me. Liverpool beat chelsea and won the charity shield this year but only manage to drew with Sheffield united . They play hard but sheffield got the early and good goal at 2nd half about 46 minutes by Rob Hulse( a good header). Liverpool is at shock and start attacking . At last they got a equiliser by a penalty. The old Liverpool hero Fowler saved the day by finishing the penalty at 70 minutes. A lot of controversial appeared for that penalty ,it seems that only a minimal contact to gerrald but for me it is fair penalty. Question appeared why liverpool play lousy in primier league but handsomely in champion league and league cup? It is too early to say from now.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


hi, I am a EPL fan since I very hard to sleep late because need to wake up early for work. I personally support LIverpool because it is a wonderful team . They won the Champion league as a underdog after 3 goals down against AC milan . This is all due to the spirit of not giving up particularly by Gerrald.