Friday, June 15, 2007

Steven Gerrard

The english primier league is finished so basically i felt bored in this month after the last games of champion league final.
Liverpool lose to milan when milan won by a lucky goal.
I will make a summary of the important player of Liverpool then maybe other player in other england player later.
I will start with steven Gerrard.
he is one of the best midfield in the world.Gerrard's tireless running, superb vision on the ball and ability to strike from distance make you the best midfield in England and Liverpool.
Gerrard made his Liverpool debut in a European tie during the 1998/99 season against Celta Vigo at Anfield.
He assured a midfield spot as his own during 1999/2000, placing then-captain Jamie Redknapp's future in doubt. A very versatile player, he also filled the right-back slot on a number of occasions during the 2000/01 season.
His superb stamina makes him run the whole games with a distance long shot make him the most fearful and the best midfield in England.
The midfielder was handed the Liverpool captaincy in October 2003 following a loss of form by Sami Hyypia.
Gerrard is simply of the the outstanding performers of the Premiership, a star of the European stage and the kind of player every team in the world would dreamed of.

He made his 325th club appearance in 2005/06.
His performance in 2006/2007
GP 36 | G 7 | A 8 (2006/07 Premier League)
GP: games played G-goals A:assists
I hoped his scored more for Liverpool

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