Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Liverpool drew their first game

What a surprise to me. Liverpool beat chelsea and won the charity shield this year but only manage to drew with Sheffield united . They play hard but sheffield got the early and good goal at 2nd half about 46 minutes by Rob Hulse( a good header). Liverpool is at shock and start attacking . At last they got a equiliser by a penalty. The old Liverpool hero Fowler saved the day by finishing the penalty at 70 minutes. A lot of controversial appeared for that penalty ,it seems that only a minimal contact to gerrald but for me it is fair penalty. Question appeared why liverpool play lousy in primier league but handsomely in champion league and league cup? It is too early to say from now.

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Sanjay said...

Arsenal man meself. But Liverpool also rocks. Very good team this year and hope they do really well in the EPL.

Cheers!! and welcome to the spot.