Saturday, August 26, 2006

Man Utd won against the watford

Man Utd as expected won the game by 2-1
The game is dominated by Man utd. Man utd launch the attack again and again . At 12minutes,Silvestre had earlier finished off a brilliant move involving Giggs and Louis Saha to put United in front . Good finishing for silvestre from left penalty area right low with his left foot .
Watford didn't giving it up .They score a brilliant goal by damien francis from left goalbox left low with his right foot .
Man Utd take total control on second half.Ronaldo is clearly on form but his desperation for goal wasted many chance for higher lead. At 52 minutes,Ryan Giggs scores a good goal from centre penalty area right high with his right foot .It is contributed by the mistake of defenders who was robbed off the ball from their feet and the speed of Giggs that make it happen

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